How My Journey Began

Thompsons 2003

Posting from Jean: October 25, 2011

When I started at Seattle Chocolates nine years ago, I was in the midst of raising my kids Danny and Ellie. It was kindergarten time for my youngest.  So, I decided while Ellie was busy with her 3 R’s, I would get busy with a new challenge of my own.

ellie and mom

Several years earlier, I had invested in Seattle Chocolates, originally founded in 1992. I loved having my own private stash of chocolate, but I was also excited by the potential I knew this business had. Since my background was in marketing, I jumped in hoping to bring some new energy to sales.  Quickly, it became clear that the business needed me to play a different role. I surprised myself by knowing instantly that this was a challenge I wanted. And so I took on the job of CEO.

Since then we have moved from our original offices and factory into a 65,000 square foot facility south of Seattle.  We have doubled our business and have spread our truffles across the country.  I visited my son Danny at college last weekend and my kindergartener Ellie is a freshman in high school!

Last weekend, in California visiting Danny.

Danny at school

And here’s one more because this is fun.

cancun w kids

And you really should meet my dog Scarlet!


Hello from Seattle Chocolates!

scc logoPosting from HQ: October 18, 2011

We have talked on and off about starting a blog and finally decided, why not? So, we will be talking about a little bit of everything here… from what goes on in the factory, to the opening of our beautiful new retail store, to the people who really make this place what it is. As always, we look forward to sharing what we do with you.

It is an exciting time at Seattle Chocolates: creating new products, challenging ourselves to see beyond where we were yesterday, and literally summiting mountains together (more about that later!). And of course there is the chocolate. Tasting, luxuriating, tweaking, tasting. It begins and ends with the chocolate….