Inspiration and Ideas

That Moment

Posting from the R&D Kitchen:  February 22

Every once in a while, someone will say there is no such thing as bad chocolate.  And hearing that makes us want to take those people into our kitchen and offer them some truly amazing chocolate.  Watch them really taste it.  Our Master Chocolatier calls it ‘romancing the chocolate’; the way we choose each one of our ingredients very carefully, never compromising on the finest quality so that what we end up with makes you want to close your eyes for just a moment.


Open your eyes.


That moment is what we work toward at Seattle Chocolates.  And we get there by tasting countless batches and combinations before we settle on a single recipe.  (Well shoot, someone’s gotta do it!)  So that whatever all natural delights we might combine with our chocolate – say for the holidays, or to appeal to nut lovers or caramel lovers or those who like it a little fruity – it begins and ends with the chocolate.  And a taste that might just stop you in your tracks.


Happy Valentines Day

Posting from HQ:  February 14

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Happy Valentines Day from HQ!!  Here is a snapshot of the last heart shaped box we packed up and sent out into the world yesterday.  Whew!  We hope your sweetie gets the sweets of their dreams today.  And it’s true what they say – the more love you give out, the more that comes back.  So we hope you get a little something too.  Whether it comes heart shaped, in a bag or a tidy little bar, we wish you a choco-lata love!!!


And the winner is…

Posting from HQ:  February 7

Seattle Chocolates!  With the award season in full swing down in Hollywood (and on a screen near you), we thought it timely to announce that Seattle Chocolates has been awarded the 2012 Grand Master title from the International Chocolate Salon.  The International Chocolate Salon hosts regional tasting events where professionals, aficionados and anyone interested can gather to sample the finest artisan, gourmet and premium chocolate.  The salons are a happy, bustling, chocolate-lover’s dream.  And we are pleased to have won the highest commendation based on the cumulative total awards given at multiple events throughout last year.  Champagne truffles anyone?!?


A Valentine for Him

Posting from HQ: February 2

The new and improved “Red Hot” truffle bar was created with him in mind.  We combined the finest dark chocolate with cinnamon oil and crushed cinnamon candy pieces.

It has a sweet and spicy texture and finish.  Imagine your favorite meltaway chocolate, with a kick – and like all Seattle Chocolates, this seasonal sweetheart is kosher certified and all natural!