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Ideas for Dad

Posting from HQ:  June 1

We love gifts.  That is why each truffle that leaves our factory is made with pure ingredients and dressed up ready to give!  But Fathers Day gifts are hard.  Grilling tools feel equivalent to giving Mom an appliance (and we know that’s a bad idea).  And who really needs more golf club covers or a beer making kit?

We think a more original way to honor Dad would be to give him the gift of good health.  Happily … dark chocolate qualifies!

A lot has been written about the health benefits of chocolate.  Dr Andrew Weil has published a useful anti-inflammatory food pyramid with chocolate sitting at the very top.  A recent article from suggests dark chocolate may lower the risk of heart disease.  And Beth Reardon, director of Duke University Integrative Medicine, talks about chocolate’s ‘health halo’  for it’s association with everything from improved vision to easing a chronic cough.

Yippee, we say!  Pair it with a nice bottle of (antioxidant rich) red wine.  Remind your Dad that when it comes to premium quality, a little satisfies.  And you’ve got yourself a meaningful fathers day gift!