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Reaching Out Luncheon

Posting from HQ:  October 17

jcoco, Seattle Chocolates’ newest brand, was thrilled to help sponsor Hopelink’s Reaching Out Luncheon on Monday.  We heard from Author Jeanette Walls, and Connie Chapin, a former Hopelink client.  Both women did a fabulous job articulating their personal stories of how poverty has shaped their lives.  Connie explained, ‘going hungry is not the hard part, it’s the shame.  That’s what you remember’.  Many millions of readers already know Jeanette’s story from The Glass Castle, which was written because of Jeanette’s decision to face, rather than hide, her shame of growing up in poverty.

Although their circumstances were different, both of these women ultimately told an infectious story of hope and optimism.  Both have successfully found a way to self-sufficiency and both passionately support Hopelink for its mission of lifting people and families out of crisis.

jcoco is thrilled to be building partnerships with organizations like Hopelink across the country.  At a time when 1 in 5 people in America are living in poverty, we believe it is critical to use what we do to make a difference.  One fresh, healthy serving at a time.


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