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xo, Jean

Posting from HQ:  December 3

One of the greatest parts about being a small business is that we can be ourselves and live out what we believe in every day.  No red tape or complicated corporate structure to weigh us down.

And around here we believe life is in the details.  So we spend a lot of time fussing over every little thing, like bringing you only the purest all natural ingredients, even if it means making a little less profit.  Like wrapping every chocolate in gift-worthy style.

And like Jean handwriting cards on behalf of our online customers so that their chocolate gifts arrive with a personal touch.  Necessary?  No.  A good use of time for the CEO?  Hard to say.

The way we roll?  Absolutely.

Since we are on the subject…this was a great little shout out for small businesses we found a few weeks ago on one of our favorite style blogs coco & kelley!


Happy Mother’s Day

Posting from HQ:  May 13th 

Thanks for coming to the Mother’s Day event at the retail store yesterday.  We hope your Mom enjoys her treats!

At Seattle Chocolates we have a great appreciation for this day because an overwhelming number of us are Moms.  That includes our fearless leader Jean, who took over as CEO shortly after her youngest started kindergarten.  Ever since, Jean has created the kind of culture that understands the amazing juggle, the crazy compromise, the irreplaceable gift that is motherhood.  So when it comes time for that 2nd grade piano recital, or it’s the day of the senior class presentation, we get to be there.  Which makes the time we spend at Seattle Chocolates even sweeter.

So we thought today would be a good day to say thank you, Jean.  Happy Mother’s Day!


Orange Appeal

Posting from HQ:  March 2

Man do we love orange.  Bright and energizing, it’s oh so hard to resist its happy pull!  And that’s something we really appreciate this time of year.  Because even with glimmers of spring in the air, it’s hard not to notice that Seattle is still a smidge gray.  In fact, it has been that way for a while.  And it is very likely to stay this way until about the 5th of July – that’s 126 more days!

Anyway,  whether you need an antidote to a dubious spring or the season is blooming where you are, we want you to know about our Veracruz Orange JTruffles.  This architectural beauty combines fresh sliced orange with a light dusting of chili powder in creamy white chocolate.

One bite and you are softly, gently transported to the Yucatan – the source of inspiration for this stunning combination of flavors.  You can almost hear the salsa music, the cry of a street vendor, the sultry slow sounds of a tropical seaport.  Mmmmm.

Our other favorite orange inspired treat is this darling new gift box.  Our designers created it to celebrate the season and we filled it with assorted truffles, perfect for sharing.  So pass on the joy this spring and brighten up everyone’s day.

Another orange tidbit.  Did you know the color ‘Tangerine Tango‘ is the Pantone Fashion color of 2012?  Love it!

p.s.   We really try not to complain . . . or to talk about the weather… in this blog.  But just in case you are lucky enough to live in San Diego, we need you to know where we are coming from.  Check out this picture we took the other day when we visited the Olympic Sculpture Park by the Seattle Art Museum.  If you live someplace sunny, you would not have chosen this day to visit the park.  Here, we just pull on a rain coat and roll with it.  We didn’t actually sit in these chairs because they were a little damp.  But we think someone at the Seattle Art Museum agrees with us about the power of orange!