Chocolate Pizza

Posting from HQ:  April 12

We love thinking about new flavors.  Things that go with chocolate and are sure to surprise and delight whether it’s a special occasion, or just because.  But we are always mindful of staying this side of the fine line that could turn great taste into some sort of a taste test.

So when we saw this, created by a chef who knows what he is doing, we just had to scratch our heads.  Chocolate pizza??  Don’t misunderstand, bread and chocolate are two of our favorite things.  Chocolate croissant – unanimous yes.  Chocolate spread on a lovely french baguette – mais oui!  But this particular creation left us feeling confused…and of course scrambling for our wallets so we could sample it.

This pizza is made with a lightly sweetened thin crust, dusted with graham cracker and drizzled with chocolate syrup.  Topped with marshmallow and broken chocolate, the chef lightly caramelized the top which made the whole thing look very melty, and worth a try.

The verdict?  Decidedly split.  Between us we polished off a piece, but we were absolutely dying for a glass of milk!