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Last Thursday, we officially launched jcoco in New York City with the help of chef Amanda Freitag of Chopped and Margaret Purvis CEO of the New York Food Bank. Amanda prepared a 5 star, 5 course meal using ingredients from our jcoco bars including toasted quinoa lamb meatballs, sesame agave yogurt with harissa, and cayenne & Veracruz orange glazed pork belly with wilted kale. Members of the press and friends sampled dishes paired with wines from the Northwest and experienced first-hand, the inspiration behind “couture chocolate”. Jean spoke about the core pillars of the brand:

• Five-star flavors
• Portioned for sharing
• Giving Back to our community

Margaret issued a stirring plea to end hunger where we live and demonstrated her enthusiastic support for jcoco. All in all it was a great success and we look forward to planning our next event (possibly in SF) in the new year. Following the event, a gift to the FBNY of more than 1,000 fresh healthy servings was made a result of a #jcocogives campaign which kicked off the same evening.

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Posting from HQ: September 29

The other night we attended Hopelink’s inspiration party for their Reaching Out Luncheon  on October 15th.  It was an amazing gathering of dedicated people.  And such fun to share stories while nibbling on fabulous food by Lisa Dupar and watching the looks of delight as guests helped themselves to their first taste of jcoco!

But the best part of the night was meeting Connie.  She started speaking to the group by saying she considers chocolate an important food group.  So, I guess we were bound to hit it off!  Connie went on to explain that she is one of Hopelink’s Pacesetter donors.  She owns her own business teaching children to swim and has successfully raised four kids all by herself.

But not so long ago she was a Hopelink client, going through a tough divorce and stuck in circumstances beyond her control that meant a slow decline into poverty.  She talked about what it felt like as things around her fell apart.

Connie is clearly a fighter and she credits Hopelink with providing her the lever she needed to begin lifting herself up into self-sufficiency.  Although she is humble and didn’t tell me this herself, I later learned that her incredible tenacity and drive  even led her to winning an Extreme Home Makeover a few years ago!  Today her business teaching children to swim in her own backyard pool has a waiting list of students and she is proud to be putting her two oldest through college.

We were inspired by Connie.  Click here if you are interested in joining us on Oct 15th.  Author Jeanette Walls will be there to tell her own incredible story, and of course you will get the chance to taste some exquisite chocolate!