‘Tis the season

Posting from HQ: November 25

It’s official.  The holidays have begun!  And we hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, hanging out with friends and family,  maybe a little shopping, a little football.  And enjoying the leftovers from the feast on Thursday.  Mmm!


Thinking of Thanksgiving

Posting from HQ:  November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving week has arrived.  In Seattle that means leaves are falling in city neighborhoods and snow is forecast in the mountains.  There is something about watching the seasons change so dramatically that makes us aware of the year gone by.

Looking back over the last year, we’re grateful for a lot of things.  But most of all we appreciate that however much we grow and change as a company, it still feels like a family around here.  Sure, we all share a love of chocolate, but it goes beyond that.  Last fall, Jean, Niel (President), and Joe (Controller) decided to take on the challenge set out by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to Climb to Fight Breast Cancer.  They all had their separate reasons for climbing but together they set their eyes on Kilimanjaro and the goal of raising $20,000 for breast cancer research.  After 10 months of training, they all reached the 19,340 ft summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.  What a team!

We think their successful summit is so cool, that over the next few weeks we will be sharing some excerpts from the diary Jean wrote during her climb.  Stay tuned for stories of frozen water bottles, sore feet and watching the moonrise over Kilimanjaro.

Happy Thanksgiving from our ‘family’ to yours.